About Us

Murphy Chemicals East Africa Ltd—the enduring pioneer in the provision of high quality and affordable agricultural in-puts:

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd. Is one of the leading crop-protection product distribution companies in East Africa. It was established in 1958. It is a formulator and distributor of leading crop-protection brands from leading international manufacturers. An animal health departments was introduced in 1998.

Murphy Chemicals (E.A.) Ltd. Has regional subsidiaries in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. In recent years, the company has developed a new line of certified seed business –Murphy Seed-as the evolution in agriculture moves from chemistry to biology. This evolution, which is based on science and need for “organic “solutions to agricultural problems, will affect the current chemistry-based agrochemicals as organic molecules, which are more environmentally friendly and less harmful, enter the human and animal food-chain.

Company Leadership Oversight 

The company subscribes to proper oversight responsibility despite the lack of need to such structures. The Board of Directors through various structures and interventions will always act in cognizance of all stakeholders such as stakeholders, employees, suppliers, consumers, government statutory compliance and other interests.


To be the preferred partner for the farming community in supply for farm inputs, seeds and animal health products in Kenya and the East African region.


To supply the farming community with quality farm inputs, seeds and animal health products efficiently and affordably.


  1. Delivery of quality products and services.

  2. Development of staff, teamwork and recognition of individual contribution.

  3. Integrity, transparency and fairness in all dealings.

  4. Development of farmers in a safe and sustainable environment.

  5. Innovation and continuous learning.

  6. Support and social investment in the community.


  1. Importation of quality products

  2. Warehousing

  3. Repacking

  4. Formulation

  5. Distribution

  6. Production of certified seeds