This is a very powerful and effective disinfectant containing glutaraldehyde and coco-benzyldimethyl-ammonium chloride. Kills all disease causing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Product is very effective even in the presence of organic matter. Product is used for disinfection of poultry and livestock premises, equipment and as foot baths.

Mursafi has a effective residual period of 7 days.


Disinfecting Surface:

Dilute at rate of 1:400 parts water (25mls in 10 litres of water)

Dipping foot and wheel bath:

Dilute at rate of 1:100 parts (100mls in 10litres of water) replace solution after 2 weeks.

Drinking water dosage:

Apply at rate of 1:3000 parts water (10mls in 30litres of water)

Disinfection by fog/aerial methods:

Use a rate of 1:150 parts water(100mls in 15litres of water) Apply the diluted solution at rate of 1 litres per every 100 cubic metres

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