Toxipra S7

Vaccine for protection against the Enterotoxaemia & tetanus in sheep, Goats and cattle.

Description: it’s an inactivated vaccine, enterotoxaemia, sudden death, blackleg and black disease in injectable suspension.
Composition: Refer to catalogue.
Uses: Refer to catalogue.
Indications: Adult sheep and goats- to prevent Enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney disease), sudden death, blackleg and necrotic hepatitis. In Lambs and kids to prevent dysentery and enterotoxaemia. Used in Cattle to prevent enterotoxaemia, sudden death, blackleg, black disease and necrotic hepatitis.
First vaccination: vaccinate and revaccinate within an interval of 20 to 25 days. Booster vaccination: administer one dose every 12 months. In areas where pulpy kidney disease is prevalent, vaccinate every 6 months (spring and autumn). Lambs and kids can be vaccinated a few days after birth.
Administration and Dosage: Subcutaneous, sheep and goat -2ml/adult animal and 1ml/ young animal, cattle 4ml/animal. A sporadic anaphylactic reaction may appear in some sensitive animals. In such a case administer an antihistaminic. It’s advisable to administer vaccine at a temperature between +15 and 25oC.
Storage: store at +2 to +8 0 C, avoid freezing.
Packaging: 250ml and 100ml bottle..



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