Hipradog DHLP

Live vaccine, cpv, distemper, herpatitis& laringotracheatis freeze dried. Inactivated canine leptospirosis in Injectable suspension

Description: it’s a live vaccine, canine Parvovirus infections, distemper, hepatitis and laryngotracheitis, in injectable freeze dried tablet and inactivated vaccine, canine leptospirosis in injectable suspension.
Composition: Freeze dried fraction- live canine parvovirus (CPV) strain, Live canine distemper virus (CDV, live canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV2). Liquiod fraction- inactivated leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae and leptospira canicola microorganisms of each valence.
Uses: for control of parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis in dogs.
Indications: its advisable to administer the first vaccination at 8 weeks of age and revaccinate at 12 weeks of age. It’s also recommended to administer an annual booster vaccination.
The vaccine should not be administered to animals with possible intestinal parasites, under stress or that are incubating an infectious or contagious disease. The innocuousness of this vaccine is gestating females has not been proved therefore its use is not recommended in those animals.
Administration and Dosage: Subcutaneous, Dogs 1ml/dog for all weights, ages, sex, and breeds. Using a syringe, inject the liquid fraction into the vial that contains the freeze dried fraction.
Make sure that the vaccine is completely reconstituted before administering it. Use the vaccine immediately after being reconstituted. A sporadic anaphylactic reaction may appear in some sensitive animals. In such a case administer the appropriate symptomatic treatment.
Storage: store at +2 to +8 0 C, Protected from light. Do not freeze.
Packaging: 10ds pack (freeze dried fraction + liquid fraction).



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