Doxycycline in oral water soluble powder

Description: doxycycline in oral powder .
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Indications; SwinePleuropneumonia, pasteurellosis and glassers disease. Chicken; collibacillosis, crd and associated infections

Administration and Dosage: Oral, chicken- 0.6 to 2gm/Litre of drinking water, depending on their weight and daily intake of water this is equivalent to 20mg of doxycycline/kg b.w. repeat 3 to 5 days.
Swine; 1g/litre of drinking water equivalent to 10mg of doxycycline/kg b.w / day, this should be administered for 8 days. During treatment animals should only drink medicated water. Do not administer in feeding or drinking troughs that have be come oxidized.
Storage: store in a cool place protected from light.
Packaging: 100gm sachet.

100gms Ksh 410.00
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