Production Facility

The Production facility is a division of Murphy Chemical EA Ltd that manufactures and repacks Agrochemicals, Animal Health and Public Health products. The facility is approved by National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and certified by Pest Control Product Board (PCPB) Our Production facility boasts of the following:
It is the best facility of its kind in East and Southern Africa for formulation and re-packing of pesticides. Well-equipped laboratory to ensure that all items leaving the factory are of proper quality Murphy Chemicals EA Ltd has stable, reliable, dependable operations supported by strong systems and processes Production Facility offers the following Services:

1. Formulation and packing of:
Powder Insecticides and Fungicides.
Liquid Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Acaricides
Mineral Supplements

2. Warehousing facilities for Manufactured products and their Raw and Packing Materials
3. Quality Assurance with a well equipped Laboratory for analysis of products / materials.

Our equipment includes:
Batch Coding Machine
Liquid filling lines with a capacity – both single and double head filling
Capping machines
Augur filling machines
Shrink wrapping

Please review our equipment list or contact us if you have a question about a specific piece of equipment or manufacturing capability. Our Plant Engineering Staff is available to reconfigure our equipment, or install customer supplied equipment to accommodate your specific requirements. Our staff is experts at difficult and hazardous chemistries. We have procedures and practices in place to handle reagents and inhalation hazards. With over five decades of experience, we have developed a best-practice approach to health, safety, and security matters. We invite you to audit our facility to see for yourself.

Our Warehouse facilities utilize state–of–the–art inventory control processes. Murphy Chemicals EA Ltd is committed to providing clients with professional and reliable service and a commitment to quality and sustainability. The company maintains strict safety compliance, produces quality products, and adheres to a green philosophy all of which translate to a significant savings for our customers. Our safety equipment includes:

1. Fume chambers
2. Dust collection ducts
3. Liquid effluent treatment
4. Solid waste is managed by Environment and Combustion Consultants

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